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who we are We Believe Business is About Getting the Right DNA.

Ocr8digitals is one of Nigeria’s leading website design and digital marketing agency. We provide e-Commerce, SEO, Digital Marketing and branding service using the right digital DNA. We believe that every business no matter the size, age or type has a distinctive DNA just like that of the living organism.


A clearly articulated DNA will not only boost organization productivity but as well increase brand awareness and competitiveness. To achieve this, we pride ourselves in having a team of talented and innovative minds who have in-depth knowledge and expertise about business models and hacks with years of industrial experience. We are confident about the quality of our work and the benefits that they will bring to your company.

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Our mission is to fashion the right DNA for businesses to succeed through unique digital services, focused on results:

Beautiful websites that get results

We provide awesome web design services tailored to solve your business digital needs. With experience working on various projects, we are the company to talk to about your web design goals.

Digital marketing that gives result.

Are you finding it difficult to increase your brand awareness? Increase your Conversion Rate? Generating leads? Engaging your audience? Remain Competitive?. We have the right digital DNAs to help you achieve those goals.

Branding that engage the right audience.

Do you need an innovative and engaging image for your brand to remain competitive in the marketplace?. We know what brand identity is all about, and would be happy to discuss how we can help you.

Data Analysis for effective business decision

Data is redefining the way strategic business decision are made. At Ocr8digitals we can help your business make informed and strategic decisions, to help your business discover its unique DNA to capitalise on.

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